Hands-on Design: Social app for remote caregivers

GranCentral is a startup applying voice UI, ML and IoT to aging-in-place. The GranCentral base station will keep elders connected through daily conversations with a friendly avatar, and unobtrusive monitoring backed by machine learning while allowing caregivers to interact via a mobile app.

My Role

I provide overall UX and design advice to the start up team, in this role I have also:

  • Illustrated product features for pitch deck
  • Built teaser website for product
  • Designed and prototyped caregiver app, with a focus on onboarding


Vector illustration for pitch deck provides an at-a-glance overview of product features.



Set up single page website to collect information from potential beta users at grancentral.ai using Jekyll.



App prototype created using Sketch and Figma. The onboarding process requires both QR scanning and voice interaction.